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Honey Salon and Gallery
310 W Holly Street
Bellingham, WA 98225


Honey Salon and Gallery presents “Paper Dreams” by Ciara Sana

​BELLINGHAM, WA – Honey Salon and Gallery is proud to present “Paper Dreams”, a new multi-medium collection of powerful portraits of women adorned in origami paper accents by Bellingham artists Ciara Sana. Each work of art depicts women of various shape, ethnicity, and void of skin tone – leaving the celebration in the gouache, ink, and origami adornment. Sana’s collection celebrates women, from their strength, to their vulnerability, in a series inspired by her own personal journey of self-discovery. The collection also is a celebration/ nod to Women’s History Month this March that will be on display through May of this year.  Refreshments, artist meet and greet, and more await at the opening reception March 2nd from six o’clock to ten o’clock at Honey Salon and Gallery.

In her new collection, “Paper Dreams”, Sana’s use of origami uses symbolism on multiple planes. First, origami is used to express creativity, which is also the symbolism of origami in dreams. The patterns of origami are placed abstractly, yet purposefully,  to represent a dream the artist had on a spiritual journey. The colors, shapes, and unique patterns signify the individual, and the whole, working together. Purposefully layered to create a practical wholeness, each piece is intentional, and beautifully curated.  Skin tone is absent from each portrait; the artists’ way of not defining a woman by a singular physical trait, or characteristic. Sana wanted the viewer to identify with the mood and personality of the pieces, and not the color that influences them. Finally, each piece is untitled, an attempt to help the viewer create their own story, rand interpretation of that character.

For as long as Ciara Sana can remember, she has been called a dreamer. Her art is heavily influenced by strong women in her culture, her faith, and her love for humanity. The Guam born and raised, now Bellingham based, artist’s aesthetic is shaped by her love for traditional tattoo art, art nouveau, and various whimsical styles. Sana’s “Paper Dreams” demonstrates her belief that our lives are more like paper. If we’ve made decisions that no longer bring us joy, unravel, and fold again. Never settle for the creases we’ve created. We can always shape and fold our lives into something new again.

Ciara Sana’s work can be found at galleries and venues throughout the Bellingham and the Northwest region, Etsy, and on her website at shopartbyciara.com. For additional show details, and images, please email show curator Shultzie at shultziefay@gmail.com