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Honey Salon and Gallery
310 W Holly Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Honey Salon and Gallery presents “Earth/Sky: Interconnection of the Cosmic and Natural World ” by Prairie Sandblom 

BELLINGHAM, WA – Honey Salon and Gallery is proud to present “Earth/Sky: Interconnection of the Cosmic and Natural World”, a new mixed media collection of powerful images curated to show the connection between the earth and sky through the artists lens, showcased on repurposed objects and the occasional canvas. The inspiration for this show is pulled from the natural patterns and topography of the earth and the vibrant psychedelic colors of the cosmos. Refreshments, artist meet and greet, and more await at the opening reception September 7th from six o’clock to ten o’clock at Honey Salon and Gallery.
In her new collection “Earth/Sky” Sandblom is inspired by natural patterns found in the world surrounding us locally, including the mountains and familiar landscape as well as an interesting mix of topography highlighted with vibrant, psychedelic colors. Many of her mixed media prints include images of symbolic and recognizable women surrounded by layers of beautiful natural collaged landscapes. Sandblom’s pieces overprint an ethereal feel on natural scapes reminding us all to stop and appreciate the interconnected beauty of our world. 


For as long as Prairie Sandblom can remember, she has had an appreciation for public lands and the natural world around her. She traveled during the summers of her childhood with her father in their VW van, seeing much of the country’s landscape. Moving to Bellingham only furthered her love of nature. As a self taught artist, Sandblom explores a variety of mediums to constantly keep learning and growing. Each piece she creates combines elements of different mediums ranging from illustration to fluid art, collage, painting, wood burning or watercolor. She is inspired by geology, astrology, the music and culture of the 1970’s, art nouveau as well as influential women of our society.  


Prairie Sandblom’s work can be found at galleries and venues throughout Bellingham. For additional show details, and images, please email show curator Michelle at mi.shoegoddess@gmail.com