“Friends Of Land And Sea” By Stevie Chandler
Event Date: July 11th 6PM – 10PM
Location: 310 W Holly Street, (Downtown) Bellingham, WA
Admission: Free      
Contact: Shultzie Willows 
or Honey Salon(360) 778-3858

Bellingham, WA – Honey Salon is proud to showcase the
art and craft of visual and graphic artist Stevie Chandler
July 11th from 6-10PM. Chandler’s collection titled “Friends Of Land And Sea” will be on display from July 8th through August 30th throughout the newly appointed and decorated salon. Cocktails, cupcakes, PhDJ and artist meet and great will accompany the reception and celebration.
Chandler’s fur and feathered focused showcase, “Friends Of Land and Sea” is a magical debut collection of newly adapted animal folklore. Channeling a “Fantastic Mr. Fox” essence and her original tongue in cheek humor –Chandler holds her own to deliver a showcase of acrylic candy color whimsy on mixed medium surfaces. “Friends Of Land And Sea” celebrates nature with a child-like awe offering something for art connoisseurs young and young at heart.
Stevie Chandler has always had a love for illustration and making things. Chandler’s artistic inspirations come from nature, music, phrases, and the environment around her. Chandler’s mediums range from paint, design, print, knit, and embroidery all lovingly created from her home in Stanwood, Washington.
For more on the work and art of Stevie Chandler contact gallery curator Shultzie Willows at