Local artist shares gallery showcase with late father 

“Remember Where You Came From” 

By Carrie Cooper and the late Dan Cooper

Bellingham, WA – Honey Salon is proud to showcase the collected and new works of Carrie Cooper and the late Dan Cooper in Ms. Cooper’s debut showcase,

“Remember Where You Came From”.

The father and daughter collection will be on display from September 1st through September 27th at Honey Salon in Downtown Bellingham. Craft cocktails and artist meet-and -greet will accompany the gallery reception Friday September 5th from 6-10PM during the Downtown Bellingham Art Walk.


“Remember Where You Came From” is a loving tribute curated and created by the artist Carrie Cooper; a collaboration between father and daughter. This art mash-up serves as a living memorial to her late father Dan Cooper.  Mr. Cooper, who was a talented water colorist passed away suddenly in late 2013. Upon his death, Ms. Cooper became interested how the people who came before her, for better or worse, helped create the woman she is today. In tribute and to push herself as an artist, “Remember Where You Came From” incorporates pencil sketch drawings of those family members that preceded her, along with her incredible embroidery pieces and fiber works. For Ms. Cooper this collection is a retrospective of her past to help pave the pathway to her future.

Some of Carrie Cooper’s earliest and fondest memories were of watching her mother sew and going to museums with her father. Ms. Cooper’s  love of the tactile qualities of fabric and thread, and the impact of seeing modern art as a child, culminated in a desire to make fiber art. As an adult she is attracted to embroidery and printmaking, juxtaposition and contrast. Cooper’s obsession with the past and love of personal history is only matched by that of her love of the unknown and relishing in a good surprise!

For more on the works of Carrie Cooper and to obtain high resolution images, please contact gallery curator Shultzie Willows at or contact Honey Salon at (360) 778-3858.

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